Heraldry, genealogy and family history have been some of my favorite occupations. This page provides information about my family's coat of arms, its origin and meaning. In time, I hope to add a more complete and thorough article on the subject.


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«This is my website. I tried to make it look like an autobiography that you can navigate through. It serves no obvious purpose but to share a little about myself with all of you, family and friends, students and colleagues, but also, and especially, strangers. People from distant or forgotten places, people I could not possibly meet, people I might never address or pay attention to, even if I had met them. I find it fascinating that a person to whom I would never speak to might be a part of my life or find some pleasure, some comfort, or even some education, in these modest pages.»

«The internet is all about sharing, and so is any community. The cement of any society is contribution and retribution. But by this I do not mean that the internet is, in any way, a community on its own. If anything the internet is a community maker, a ground fertile and propitious to the spontaneous sprout of small communities. It allows distant people with a common goal to come together and learn with each other, even though they might be separated by space, by race, by age, by status, or any other form of separation, and all of this without ever having to leave their homes.»

«The internet also provides an opportunity to level things. With the right knowledge anyone can build a front, regardless of their insignificance, or lack of funds. It is very cheap to have a page. And even large banks and wealthy corporations, with all their might and muscle, have to compete for their share of public attention. I am not saying that the internet is the land of opportunity, but it has helped to level things a little bit. Now artists can show their art without being accepted by any gallery, and they can reach an immense audience. In time the internet will probably be accessible to the entire human race. And with it will all the books, all the arts, all the films and photos, in short, all the human memory, will be accessible to everyone. This is the kind
of dream that, hopefully, we can all contribute to. If anything this is my aim. To share with all to whom it may
concern. And if you got this far, I suppose an expression of my appreciation is in order. I am grateful that
you took some time to see my pages and hope you can find something worthwhile in it.»

Saúde! (*)
(*) Literally it means Health (in Portuguese) and is a common form of greeting.
Photograph by Pedro Corte Real, 2005
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Amorim The Amorim Family in the «Armorial Lusitano», pag. 53
To the right: The politically incorrect coat of arms of the Amorim Family (in Por- tugal, the Spanish version is different) with a shield of Gules (Red) with a saltire («X») of five severed moor's heads and a crest of a knight's arm holding a severed moor's head (shown here in b/w from an illustration by João Carlos e J. Ricardo da Silva from the book Armorial Lusitano, Lisbon, 2001, p. 53.

This page provides updated information on published books and essays. Also some of the works in progress can be found here. (This page contains pdf files).

From Charlemagne to my father, p. 110-111 From Charlemagne to my father, pages 110-111
Books & Essays
Above: From Charlemagne to my father, Braga, 2009, double page (110-111): click here.

Throughout my life I have been a member of several political, religious, academic, artistic and honorific institutions. This page provides some information on those institutions and my relation to them.

Left: Holding the pallium in the «Corpus Christi» Procession, Braga May, 26th 2005, with the robe of the Royal Confraternity of Saint Mary: click here.

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Scenes from the Province of Minho, 1997

This page provides some information about my works of art and architecture. It is not meant to be a thorough and exhaustive catalogue raisonné of my artistic or architectural works. To make it easier to navigate through I have divided this into two different sections: Art & Architecture. One about the artistic drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures, fashion and logo design that I have created and the other about the architectural designs, including furniture and decorative objects, and of course my urban plans.


Contrary to what some might think, this is not a page about my favorite music (you can find that in here). This is a page that provides some information about music I have composed since my passage through the Regional Music Conservatory of Setubal (Portugal).


This page provides some information about my business enterprises. Throughout my adult life I have created and inherited several business ventures related to fashion, jewelry, tourism, publishing, publicity and logo design, architecture and interior design, arts and antiques, etc.