H. D. Cerqueira de Souza

Throughout my life I have joined several political, religious, academic, artistic and honorific institutions (or organizations). This page provides some information on those institutions and my relation to them.

Photograph by Pedro Corte Real, 2005
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For as long as I can remember, the eldest and most important institution, to which I have ever been a part of, was (and is) the Catholic Church. One could argue that the human race is older and more important, and I would agree, but unfortunately the human race does not see itself as an institution, not even as a united family. Therefore the Catholic Church stands out as the oldest and most important institution I will ever be a part of. Also, as far as I can tell, my ancestors were all Catholics (with very few exceptions), for the past 1500 years. So I am first and foremost a Catholic.
Real Confraria de Santa Maria de Braga
My Baptism
The Holy See
[Nation, Country, State]

It might seem strange to some my perception of Portugal as an institution, when in fact every nation, country and state is by definition an institution. I was born a Portuguese, and that makes me a member of the Portuguese Nation. An involuntary member, for one does not have any control to which nation is being born to (unless one puts its faith in Buddhism), but still a very devoted member. Although I was born in the town of Beira (Mozambique) and I do feel very attached to my hometown, I still see myself as a member of the Portuguese Country, whether that was imprinted on my genes, or I learned to love the land of my ancestors, or even because at the time I was born Mozambique was Portuguese country (and remained that way for another good twelve years). And last, but not least, because a territory is impregnated with ideology and that of course leads inexorably to the idea of Sovereignty (rooted in Man's most ancestral and fundamental impulse: freedom) I am a committed member of the State (I am tempted to say Kingdom) of Portugal.
God, Fatherland (Country) and King

The way this presentation is being organized seems to follow closely that old motto of God, Country and King (in Portugal it has always been in that order), so the right thing to do is probably to include here His Royal Highness Dom Duarte, the Duke of Braganza, undisputed heir to the Kings of Portugal, as he is to me and my family, the Natural and the Traditional Head of both the Nation and the Country, even if not yet of the State (let's keep our hopes high!)

I am a proud and devoted member of my family. The love that I have cultivated from my childhood to my father and mother was extended to the other immediate members of my family, and later on, to the distant ones. My love for Genealogy and Family History has taught me that we, as a human race, are all related. Ignorance, rather than genetic origin, is what really separates us. I have throughout my life contributed as much as possible for the revival of long lost memories and legacies from all our forefathers, no matter how small and insignificant they might have been. Family, like territory, is also impregnated with ideology.
Family Tree: My Parents
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The Royal House of Portugal
Above: The flag of Portugal during the Constitutional Monarchy (until 1910). I have to confess I have never felt very close to the republican flag (red and green).
The Royal Confraternity of Saint Mary (of Braga) was founded in 1996, by the Royal Family of Portugal, to celebrate the Holy Baptism of the Prince of Beira in the Cathedral of Braga. In the letter the Dukes of Braganza wrote to the Lord Archbishop of Braga, asking permission for the creation of the Confraternity, they appointed me and my dear friend Luis Pimenta de Castro as their procurators in all legal and spiritual matters concerning the creation. READ MORE IN HERE
Corpus Christi Procession
Ordem de Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Royal Confraternity of Saint Mary
Order of the Immaculate Conception

Above: Holding the pallium in the «Corpus Christi» Procession, Braga May, 26th 2005, with the robe of the Royal Confraternity of Saint Mary: click here.
The Order of the Immaculate Conception (of Vila Viçosa) is the most celebrated and esteemed honorific royal order in Portugal. It was founded in 1818 by King John VI on the day of his crowning (February 6) as a lay religious and military order. READ MORE IN HERE
Order of Saint Eulalia
Ordem de Santa Eulália
The Most Ancient and Most Noble Dynastic Order of Saint Eulalia (of Fornos) is a lay catholic order founded in 1646 by Dame Leonor Mateus. It is not an honorific order, or is it meant to be. It is also a dynastic order but since the reformation of 2008 (and recognition by the State of Portugal and the European Union) it is also open to people who have no blood relations with the founder. READ MORE IN HERE