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150 ANOS DE AUTARCAS EM VILA VERDE: 1855-2005 (2ª ed.)
H. D. Cerqueira de Souza
Centro de Estudos Vilaverdenses, 2015
ISBN 9781326228736
Brochado, 52 p.

ABSTRACT: The elected, or sometimes appointed, municipal representatives (Mayors and Councilors) in the county of Vila Verde (Minho, Portugal) for the past 150 years (1855-2005) are presented here in a chronological list compiled from minutes and other documents of the municipal archive.

Como citar: SOUZA, H. D. Cerqueira de (2015). 150 anos de autarcas em Vila Verde: 1855-2005. 2ª ed. Braga: Centro de Estudos Vilaverdenses.
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