Cinco Retratos nos Paços do Concelho de Vila Verde
A Dinastia dos Feios da Quinta da Torre

Hélder Diegues Cerqueira de Souza
Boletim Cultural N.º 2, pp. 93-128
Câmara Municipal de Vila Verde, 2006

ABSTRACT: The Municipality of Vila Verde (Minho, Portugal) acquired a set of five paintings, in the 80’s, believed to be the portraits of past Mayors, or some other prominent personalities from the county, but their origin and identity have always been at the center of some controversy, and they had never been properly studied. In this article, published in the Boletim Cultural N.º 2, in 2006, we advanced their identity and gathered as much information as possible about them, their origins and family connections, their lives and careers, but we also proposed a more attentive look at their depictions and all the hidden symbols of power, and vanity, a sign of the 19th century mentality to which we all are the present heirs.

Como citar: SOUZA, Hélder Diegues Cerqueira de (2006). Cinco Retratos nos Paços do Concelho de Vila Verde: A Dinastia dos Feios da Quinta da Torre. Boletim Cultural, N.2., pp. 93-128. Vila Verde: Câmara Municipal.
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